Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's all the Fuss about ?

As a Christian growing and learning we can expect to face all kinds of trials. Some trials we bring upon ourselves with our wilful disobedience, while others are more or less designed to help us grow and strengthen our faith. Some lessons are learned quickly while others may take us a lifetime to get through.
Going through this one particular lifetime kind of trial, I knew something was wrong, because my whole walk was out of sorts. Try as I may I just couldn’t put a finger on the cause. What was worse was the emotional pain associated with the trial.
During my bewilderment I started to compare my confusion, to what a newborn goes through. While some babies take to a routine or a schedule, a newborn’s world is very small and easily thrown off balance. Unfortunately the only form of communication they have is crying. Most often it is as simple as being wet, tired, hungry or just needing to be burped. Without a level of understanding on their part, every situation they face becomes highest priority.
As a Christian growing and learning, though my world is much bigger now, does God look upon me any different than a newborn? Compared to the mind of our Creator, my world is very small, I have a routine and I’ve grown quite comfortable with a schedule, but being this new creation in Christ, what do I do when I feel off kilter?
When our faiths are poked, bumped or we are exhibiting growing pains, it can be frightening; the not knowing, like a newborn might feel. Without that level of understanding that only God possesses, we hit the alarm and cry out in a panic. I am not going to tell you not to freak out because it happens to all of us at some point. I write all this to tell you God as gone through great lengths to set all these things in motion. As a newborn bonds to his or her caregivers and slowly learns what all the fuss is really about; so should you and I  grow to learn and trust in the love of God, our Father.
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  1. Is yhis why I'm always crying and screaming? Perfect analogy, Dave!