Friday, April 25, 2014

Biblical Truths

The next time you're sitting in church, take a quick look over your shoulder. Just because you are sitting in a Methodist church doesn't mean that everyone present was raised as a Methodist. Some of us were Catholic, some maybe grew up Baptist, a few Lutheran, some may have never had any church up bringing what so ever. That makes any congregation a melting pot of sorts as far as what makes up some of our beliefs.
 On this side of Heaven there will be things we just don't know, some of those unknowns should be held in faith as true and not held as true as part of our faith. Core Christian belief is that Jesus is the Son of God part of the trinity died for our sins as risen and offers forgiveness to whosoever believes in Him. This is part of our foundation, the unchangeable part of all our faiths.
I can only speak of my up bringing, but some of the things I grew up believing made coming back to God very difficult. Whenever something I held as biblical truth wasn't true, I had a tendency to stumble. My fear is that far to many of us are building on truths that may or not be there, when they are being shown as not true our spiritual lives crash and burn. For example I think it is safe to say the Earth is round, not flat. The Church is scared for life because many people built their faith on a truth that simply wasn't there. Many people thought they were defending the faith by standing on a flat Earth, how many of us are defending the faith when we build on one side of the debate of young Earth or old? 
I am not taking a stand for either as true or not, I am only saying our core Faith should be in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, part of the Trinity , died for our sins, as risen and offers forgiveness to whosoever believes in Him, this will never change. This is what defends us, not vice versa. If we build on the debate of evolution, something that makes headlines as true, untrue we will waiver with it. Our faith does this weird magic act, dependent on something we may or may not be able to prove as true it just disappears, abracadabra.
As Christians and disciples of Jesus, faith becomes a huge part of lives. It sustains us through the thick and thin , feeds our families, comforts us in our time of need. No one in their right mind would get behind the wheel of a car that was known to have a faulty tire that may or may not hold up driving on the highway. Your cruising along going 65 MPH and suddenly one of your tires just disappears, abracadabra. A faith like that is a flying death trap.
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  1. It can be very hard to have faith in a church that condemns you for questioning the Bible. I'm glad our church isn't like that. A friend shared a blog on Facebook today, and it really touched me:

  2. Questions are a form of engagement. We need members of our church engaged in scripture. I am most concerned when people stop engaging. When questions aren't askedbecause the answer won't matter to them. At the Anne time, we need to engage with the expectation that the Scripture will eengage and ask questions of us. This kind of engagement is healthy and past of spiritual growth.

    1. It is not the questions I question, its putting a larger than needed amount of our faith in the question. Some of the greatest questions we could ever ask may never get answered, but some of them are. I know people who have stock in saying dinosaurs dont exist. They are a lie from the devil. It hurts me that talking about dinosaurs causes them great spiritual pain. If we glue bits an pieces of our faith to things that aren't biblically true, we are in danger of having our faith collapse.

  3. I am an engineer and I believe in science. I also believe in God. One thing I know for sure: we can't possibly understand everything, in this life or in the Bible. Anyone who thinks they do is sadly mistaken. All we can do is have faith, ask questions, and wait for the day when all will be revealed.