Monday, April 7, 2014

The Lens of Life

God speaks to many people in a multitude of different ways. I honestly believe that He has gifted each of us with enumerable ways of understanding Him. For some God may choose to reveal Himself or His word through the gift of music. For others it maybe the gift of writing, some are gifted to be great nurturers so God might choose to speak through the children they are raising.

One of the ways I enjoy listening to God is through what I've learned as an artist. I noticed one day while I was wearing my tinted driving glasses, most of the time I cant tell I have them on till I pull back from them. This got me thinking, sometimes when we try and paint how wonderful God truly is some people tend to resist our depiction. I noticed with some people, even if they agree with my main points, the second I inject God or scripture into the picture they become argumentative.

We all go through life seeing things as we think they are. Sometimes that entails seeing things as we are told they are. While some who can read scripture and begin to see all the colorful ways God as expressed His love for us, others maybe looking at the very same thing, but through different lenses. Anything and everything that can alter ones perception is going to affect how they see things. So while I am waxing about the bright yellows and forgiving hues of blue, the person I'm talking to is seeing orange and purple. That's not the picture I was going for, why are they seeing it this way?

Wait, every time I mention God or Jesus they see red, a person wearing heavy tinted glasses will never see the true color of scripture as you and I see it, so long as they are wearing those lenses. Just like my tinted driving glasses, most people aren't even aware their vision is askew. In fact because they are so use to seeing the world this way, most will assume it is you with the vision problem. It isn't until the Holy Spirit enters a willing person that are they able to pull back enough to say, now that Jesus as entered my heart do I truly see.
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