Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Drop in the Bucket

We live in a world where most people judge themselves as a pretty good person, undeserving of eternal judgment. So then to what, where or whom do we attribute all the evil we see. The only thing in this world capable of being inhumane are, human beings, right? Animals can be vicious maybe cunning, clever or brutal, but never evil. If we truly lived in a world full of good people, it stands to reason, we shouldn't see as much evil as we do. So what gives?

Some would say, yeah ok but there are evil people out there, Ok, lets go with that. Do you see yourself better than everyone else? While most people are unwilling to judge themselves as evil, it's just as likely they aren't going to see themselves as completely righteous either.If you and I are just as capable of sinning, yet we all see ourselves as good, again how do we explain all the evil we see.

I've talked to enough people to feel fairly confident in saying, people as a whole aren't as delusional to say evil doesn't exists. It's everywhere, and it spreads like a plague out of control. The biggest problem I see is that we live in a world where people judge the evil they do in the smallest increments. Most people see the wrong they do and quickly dismiss it as just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the world.

To the best of my knowledge I've never intentionally put myself above anyone else. I've had my fair share of adding to the bucket. The next time you are sharing the gospel with someone, if that person can admit to his sin being just a drop in the bucket. Ask them, if they know how big the bucket is. Then as you make the case for Jesus, ask them what would this world look like when that bucket begins to spill over?


  1. As usual, Dave, you've made me think. Like most people I know, I consider myself to be basically a good person. But there's no doubt that sometimes I sin. My sins may not be as great as those of a serial killer, but really, is there any such thing as a "small" sin?

    1. That was the point I was making. This came from a real conversation I had . When I asked my friend to envision the bucket, we both agreed having the bucket over flow would be a bad thing. Then I asked, what if the bucket was the size of a would be constantly overflowing .