Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Line is Drawn

How many times have you been in a conversation about possible sinful behavior and somewhere, someone comes up with a yeah, but I think God knows, insert excuse here. There are multiple versions of the excuse or the but being used, but it comes down to some people think they are exempt. It's as if they are arguing they are able to bend or curve the line of wrong and right , just so they can squeeze their way in. 
Simple truth is I didn't draw the line of wrong and right moral an immoral, God did. What's more, I believe some people mistake the line God as drawn as some how meaning it is the line that separates Christian from non-Christian. While it's true one could draw an imaginary line that divides saved and unsaved, Christian or not we don't have the power to move the line God as set before us. People can and will say what ever they want, but the second we attempt to move the line, we are erasing God, and penciling ourselves in His place. I know what God said , but I am just going to leave an asterisk next to this line here.   
Say that anyone of us could or were able to move the line of wrong and right sin or righteous. Ok, what do you say to the person behind you waiting his or her turn to move the line? Will you be the hypocrite who says no, I can move the line but you can not? What about a few generations of people waiting patiently to move the line, does anyone here remember where this line was when it started? Who cares, just move the line and get out of the way so we can move it over here.  
The fine line scripture uses to say all have sinned, all have fallen short the glory of God, can not be touched by human hands, minds or hearts. The line or separation of Holy an unholy can not be used to barricade ourselves in or to fence others out. The line isn't curved didn't evolve, it's never been amended or ratified , the gateway to God's Kingdom is the straight and narrow.  Anyone who says otherwise may be trying to blur the line, or tossing you a curve.
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