Monday, April 14, 2014

What is Impossible?

Sometimes understanding God's Kingdom is simply a matter of perspective. A lot of Jesus's three year ministry centered on changing our perceptions. Talking to Nicodemus Jesus said, unless a man be born again he can not see the Kingdom of God. Nicodemus replies how can a man be born again? Can a grown man enter his mother's womb to be born a second time? What Jesus was teaching wasn't impossible, understanding what He meant in this case was simply a matter of perspective.

While giving quite possibly the best sermon ever, Jesus taught His disciples and the crowd below to be perfect, even as our heavenly Father is perfect. Most people I've talked to on this subject will say this is something we strive to be, it's a life long journey, but it is simply impossible for man in his fallen condition to be perfect. While this may seem impossible, I'd like to argue, I think it is more a matter of perspective.

Say there was a life long spool of string God lays out for each us to walk. This is the hypothetical line of perfection. Most of us would stumble off the line within the first couple minutes of our morning routine. The line God lays out for each of us can not be changed, but what happens if we get closer? The line is unchanged but due to our new perspective the line is much bigger. My argument is that when we learn to keep digging into scripture like one would use a microscope, the very thin line God would have us walk is not so small or an impossible line to walk at all. In fact under this kind of magnification, the line we are walking suddenly becomes a brand new world of endless hills and valleys, with room to run without fear of falling off.

If I told you that my foot could cover the entire canyon you see here, you'd think it's impossible. But I am saying it's all a  matter of perspective, because the canyon you see is nothing more than a picture taken by an electron microscope of a micro fracture in a steel plate. The enormous breath taking view you see here isn't possible until you get super close. Just imagine the breath taking view God has waiting for us the closer we can get to His living word.
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  1. Well said, Dave. Your view gives me hope that maybe I'll be okay after all...

  2. I you have a regular picture of the plate, I'd love to see that alongside the microscopic crack. That is a cool image.

    1. Originally I was looking for a string under this kind of magnification. I decided to go with this instead. SadlyI dont know if I can find the original. The picture is called micro canyon.