Friday, March 28, 2014

What are we missing ? Part:1

We often hear of God working in places where people have so little. Kristen shared Katie Davis's story and encountering God in conditions most of us would abhor. Well her story and countless other stories like this got me thinking, with all the accumulated wealth and excess we have, what are we missing?

We live in a society where as soon as a problem is identified, someone somewhere is working hard on a money making solution they can shove into a bottle, pill or app for the web . There are companies out there marketing solutions that cause more problems than we start off with, bombarding us with the thought we need, rather than want. These companies operate with the sole goal of making the consumer feel as though they must have said solution or some how they are being cheated. We are left adding constant irritations to our lives in hopes of one day being satisfied, so we just keep adding.

As an artist I know a little something about creating. I know the thrill an excitement of seeing something being born from the pure inspiration of thought. A lot of times when creating one might stand back in an attempt to soak up the entire piece, pondering what does this need. Sometimes it's a little more blue, sometimes it's adding a few accent pieces here and there. Sometimes in the process of creating one can spend many long hours to find out in the end it isn't what else can I add, but what should I take away. A lot of times an idea can become muddled and lost with all of our meddling and one must sacrifice a lot of hard work to bring out the beauty we were aiming for in the first place.

After finishing creation on the sixth day God stood back, looked at all He had done, and said" It is very good." The idea here is God as cleaned up His brushes, put away all His paints, and easels, He was done, the picture of perfection as far as He was concerned was finished.

The Bible tells us that God created us in His image, creation wasn't destroyed because of  some unforeseen stray accident of creation, God's most prized creation (man) had gone rouge and added sin into His picture of perfection. As a result of Adam and Eve's cursed brush strokes of sin, they added shame, guilt, murder, greed, lust, envy, strife, your favorite and mine disobedience. Seeing what the two of them had done God  added animal skins to their shameful naked bodies and escorted them out of the Garden.

We find ourselves on this wicked cycle of adding things we never needed in a vain attempt of achieving godly perfection, all awhile all we are really doing is covering up the damage sin is creating. Somewhere underneath the many generations of sin and filth we've all acquired is the original beauty God created, but until we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and allow Him to chisel our lives to model His Sons', all we will ever be are lifeless forgeries. What are we missing?

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Dave. So many times we try to fill our emptiness with "stuff" but it only makes us happy for a brief moment. Better to fill our emptiness with God and our time with loving our neighbors.