Sunday, March 23, 2014

In God's Place

If God had placed a small wooden idol in the middle of the Garden of Eden, someone would've covered it up.
If God placed a giant gold statue in his place for us to worship, someone would have tried to bury it.
If God carved a mountain in his image to remind us of his unending love, someone would surely have tried to defile it, implode it or explained it all away.
God in his infinite love grace and wisdom said “Let there be light!" and from there he proceeded to create the wonderful beautiful cosmos that we see before us. He created every creature large and small that scurried across the Earth. He created man in his image. He created star after star and out did himself with a flurry of Galaxies of every shape and color. So long as this place is our home there will be people who say there is no GOD. As for me I look at all there is to see and hear and I can hear God say "Let them try to bury that!"

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  1. This is great. And to add, God's most complete self-revelation in Jesus was killed, but even then could not be sealed away.