Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Fullness of God's Word

I like so  many other disciples, occasionally have had  a hard time understanding the fullness of Gods word. Often times I find  I am good on one verse, but it can be frustrating understanding how one verse relates to another. I know that every word of the Bible is God breathed and inspired, so I never want to go the way of taking out the bits and pieces I don't understand.

A few years back my son was given a Rubik's Cube for Christmas. After initially breaking the perfect colored sides he quickly went to work twisting the cube trying to solve the puzzle. Every couple of days he would come up to me having one side finished, to which I would remind him that he had five more sides to solve. He responded back by saying it was impossible. He would shake the cube in my face saying every time I work on another color it messes up all the work I did on the first side.

Just because we don't understand something at first doesn't make that thing impossible, some times it just takes a little illumination.

In the case of the Rubik's Cube not only is it not impossible, it can be done by some people in a matter of seconds. With a professionally greased cube and a whole lot of practice, children and adults around the world can solve the cube in less time it would take me to bend down and pick one up off the floor.

Seeing my son's frustration over the madding cube reminded me of my frustration in scripture. It's easy to get upset and resort to picking the stickers, or breaking the pieces to put them back in the solved position, like one might be tempted to pick and choose what he or she wants to read in the Bible. If we follow the Rubik's analogy we can also see why some people fail to properly present the fullness of God's word. While some folks have garnished a lot of media attention for their Church with their loud, crude protests, what they fail to see is that they only have given one side of God's word. They have worked so long and hard on a single message laced with their agenda they have completely ignored the fact the cube of truth they present is actually all out of whack.  

Obviously God's word is much more impressive than a six sided cube, but the point is unless all the sides match up and are in completely harmony with each other, you don't get to say look what I  solved.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Dave. What a great image to think about the complexity of the puzzle that can be scripture. I guess if scripture reveals who God is, we should expect understanding it will not always come easy.

  2. Really great post, Dave. There are so many parts of the Bible that are difficult. It's good to have this analogy to remind us that our understanding is incomplete, but when we finally go to God we will understand. As Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 13:12 CEB:
    Now we see a reflection in a mirror; then we will see face-to-face. Now I know partially, but then I will know completely in the same way that I have been completely known.