Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making Preparations

As humans, it is part of our nature to prepare for everything we do. This can be especially true for certain events and certain circumstances. For instance, I learned a whole new level of preparation needs when I became the parent of young children. Simple outings required going through a significant checklist: Diapers? Change of clothes? Snack? Drink? Portable toy? Books? Carrier? Stroller? etc. Now the kids are bigger, fewer things need preparation, but can take more effort--socks and shoes on? - this alone could take 10 minutes. Did everyone go potty? Another 5-10 minutes. Graciously, the daughter of a church member watched the kids for us so Kristin and I could make the church health team meeting this past Thursday. So... checklist, have they eaten, are there snacks and drinks prepared, activities? etc. During the holidays most of us clean house to prepare for visitors. So why would we think that we can arrive on Sunday morning without preparation, find a place at the last minute, or perhaps even a few minutes late, and experience the full joy of God in a worship service? Theologically we talk about the Sunday morning worship service as a "Foretaste of the feast that is to come!" Wouldn't we typically prepare for such a feast? So today as I make final preparations for worship--I know, I am the preacher, I have more to prepare..., but I wonder if my congregation is also making preparations. Getting ready for the celebration that awaits us. I hope so. And if not--I hope we learn. If we will all come to worship having prepared our hearts, minds, and spirits to encounter God what a passionate time of worship we can have. Individually we make ourselves ready, then coming together in community we pour that prepared energy into worship. How do you ready yourself to encounter God on Sunday morning?


  1. I've not always done this since I had children, but I use to always think through 2 questions in preparation for worship on Sunday mornings - Where have I seen God this past week? Where have I felt God's absence this past week? I would think through these things, and they would focus me so that when I got to worship, I was overflowing with thanksgiving and the sense of God's presence in my life AND I was full of prayer regarding the specific ways in which I was waiting and longing and looking for God so I didn't miss it when he answered. It was really good - it helped to connect worship to my daily life.

  2. Oh, that was Kristin who wrote that above. I don't quite understand the details on commenting, yet. =)