Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In their book on Youth Ministry, The Godbearing Life, Kenda Creasy Dean and Ron Foster suggest that an important part of the Rhythm of Life is breaking the rhythm on occasion. They call the process of breaking our rhythm of life "Dehabituation." For instance, they write,
Sometimes we need to break out of our usual dinner routine to develop a true appreciation of those with whom we dine. We have a picnic; we set the table with good china and candles; we try a new recipe. These interruptions in our usual daily flow cause us to experience dinner anew and attune us to aspects of the meal and one another that we normally take for granted.... In our church, the senior pastor takes youth out to a "dress up restaurant" every fifth Sunday, just to remind them that--despite the snack menu usually served at youth meetings--they are as worthy of God's excellent fare.
How do you break rhythm in your spiritual life? What kinds of things outside of the ordinary ways you connect with God do you work in so that you can "dehabituate" and rethink your understanding of who you are in relation to God?

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