Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lost ?

I live under a lot of different thoughts that help me in my walk. One thought I use to keep me on my toes is to think; if I am walking with Christ then to sin I have to leave His presence. I like to picture myself turning to Christ and saying excuse me but this is more important. The thought of those words leaving my mouth is just absurd, my walk with Jesus is far more important. This has helped me more times than I can count.  

While this thought helps me to detour the smaller offences I might do, it doesn’t stop them all.

I was out shopping with my daughter, it being a busy time of year she knows to stick by me so as not to get lost. We made our way through the department store looking at all the various Christmas items on sale and made a pass up and down at least every isle at least once. Not finding anything we decide to call it a day and make our way to the front exits. On our way out I noticed my daughter stopping to browse a counter of stuff we hadn’t yet explored. I don’t recall what it was that caught her eye but it wasn’t age appropriate for those she was supposed to be shopping for; she was eyeing stuff on her list. I say to her come on sweetie you don’t want to get lost, and I do the I am going to keep walking thing, but this did not detour her from just looking.

I stop and turn and as I am watching her now several feet out of her line of sight, I get this strange urge to tie what she is doing to my behavior. 

When we are making our way walking with the Lord how many times does He have to get our attention? How often are we distracted by the cares of this world and all of it's shiny new things? Have you ever felt the Lord say this isn’t for you keep walking? Have you ever felt Him call you away from something to suddenly having that I am so lost feeling? I never took my eyes off my daughter but if she had turned to not see me she would have panicked. If we know the things that displease God do we have a case against Him when we turn and we don’t see Him? Who lost who?

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