Friday, October 17, 2014

God is the Ultimate Reality

Reality as we know it is far too complex for a baby’s brain to comprehend all at once. The learning development of child happens in stages. All those big blocky bright colorful toys are designed to stimulate a newborns mind. Some toys make particular noises while some have certain textures, but they were created for newborns learning to adapt and manipulate their new environment safely. They are building the skills they will need in the real world.
This early stage of learning in only intended to teach a newborn the basics shapes, colors and sounds. As we progress in our learning we tend to gravitate toward more age appropriate tools of learning. The shapes we use become more complex and the sounds we muttered as a baby begin turning into the proper vowels and consonants needed to communicate. Even though we shed all of the newborn things we do not discard the skills we acquire. They just become part of us.
By the time we reach our teen years we are being prepped for our next big steps which would be finishing school finding a job and navigating more meaningful appropriate relationships. As we mature we begin to attain the utmost of responsibilities bringing with us all of those learned skills. Some of the skills we have learned are deliberate lessons, while other skills are picked up with the various ups and downs God will toss our way. We’ll call those life lessons.
What I am finding out in my walk with Jesus is that although all these lessons and skills are necessary for life; if we want to find the Kingdom we are not done learning. No matter our age or understanding we still have some very big steps ahead of us.
A newborn’s mind is incapable of understanding the fullness of our reality but this little fact doesn’t stop us from teaching loving and nurturing a newborn into adulthood and beyond. Likewise our minds are incapable of understanding the fullness of God’s reality all at once. Reading scripture staying connected in prayer is how God is loving and nurturing us into His Kingdom.

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