Monday, October 13, 2014

A+B=C God is Good?

I wonder how many people are willing to believe in God but just cannot get pass an issue of anger. How many people really want to worship God but somehow feel wronged by God? I know reading the bible it can be extremely easy to assume if we live like A +B then C should equal God being good to us. What if that way of thinking is wrong? A closer way to see the same equation would be to say if I act well, then God will be good and the sum of it all is I get a great life. A+B=C God is Good.

Could this be the source of people’s anger toward God? Do people give it the good old college try and just assume that because they have lived up to what they thought God wanted that now they have a gripe against the All Mighty when their lives aren't what they were expecting?

I know a lot of people who aren’t willing to worship God because He did this or this happened to me. While all these may seem like legitimate deal breakers, I am asking if that was ever the deal in the first place. Who promised anyone a sweet life?

I cannot imagine a world where this kind of reasoning would actually work. Everyone is entitled to follow what they think will bring them joy, but that is where we get ourselves into trouble. We all have so many different varying views an opinion to what would constitute a great life. While it may be great for money to never be an issue that would wreak havoc on any monetary driven economy. It may be a desire that you would always be desirable to the opposite sex, what about the other person’s freewill to reject you?    

We all lose people to old age, disease or other unfortunate mishap. Does this mean we are entitled to be grudging God for what appears to be His lack of concern for our hurts and dire needs? Do we have a case against God when who we thought would be the love of our lives suddenly walks out on us?

The truth is A+B doesn’t equal C God is good. Much like 1+2 doesn’t give us the right to go blaming God for all the wrongs in our life. Anger is the mask we wear to shield our eyes to the truth; God is good all the time and all the time God is good. This is hard for me to write or say but there is nothing wrong with being mad at God. He knows your pain; He feels the anger and resentment, all the anger in the world won’t get you to where you want to be. Your anger towards God may end up being the biggest waste of time and effort. I traded my anger toward God and what I got in return was amazing. I don’t see the world through a fictitious pair of rose colored glasses; I know it’s upside down. The sweet life is I follow Jesus as the one who lovingly took my place of the suffering I rightful deserve and He did it because I didn’t know my head from a hole in the ground.

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