Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Consequences of Suffering

How many times have we witnessed someone sitting on top of the world, suddenly become involved in some sort of scandal and lose everything? Whether it’s a beautiful marriage, great career, money, fame, some sort of prestige, power or children, they roll the dice and it comes up snake eyes. You don’t even have to be rich and famous for this to happen, the people down the street, people in our church, people you went to school with, you , me, it happens to just about anybody and everybody. The question is why, why do we do it, why are each of us subjected to these kinds of fiery trails?
 I know the short answer is it’s in our sin nature, its hidden deep within our DNA as frail mortal creatures of our own fleshly desires. Does this mean we have no say in the matter? You and I are bound to sin, so we should just give in? Heaven forbid, each of us are equipped with freewill, and according to scripture God will never allow any of us to be tempted beyond our own ability, He will provide a way out. So, the question still stands, why do we do it, why are we willing to trash so much for so little?  
I think part of our problem is our unwillingness to suffer the consequences. It isn’t like most of us are unaware of the penalties of our actions we just don’t think about them long enough. If the sin arises and we ask ourselves can we get away with it, we can be tempted further into thinking we can have it all without paying the price. Even for the rarest of cases where someone may get away with something for a time will have to face facts everything we keep in the dark will be shown in the light of God’s judgment.
I can’t stand here and tell you I’ve avoided every temptation, or that I can from this day forward. But, I can say most of us look both ways before we cross the street, most of us don’t run with scissors, play in the bath tub or answer the phone when the caller ID is showing it’s a telemarketer. Why? Because, we are well aware of the consequences. When the sin we desire is burning brighter than the consequence written in small print we will fall and stumble every time. The answer to your prayers will never be found in sin, if it is you may want to reconsider who answered the prayer and repent, because God says the earnings of sin is death.
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