Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ill communication

(continued )....There is way more to communication than simply stringing a few words into sentences. Everything we do be it eye contact, tone of voice to the overall posture of the person speaking that can come into play when we wish to convey thoughts or ideas. A lot of times it isn’t so much what we say with words that can come across the loudest. A lot of times our actions can speak volumes to the people around us before we even open our mouths.

The religious leaders responsible for crucifying Jesus at the cross could’ve let Jesus go any time they wanted. They were presented with many opportunities to do so. During His mock trial Jesus said little of anything to defend Himself or anger His accusers. Yet, every chance they were given to let Him go they dug themselves in deeper. The question is why?

It occurred to me one of the reasons behind His death was everything about this man spoke and kept speaking a Godly righteous message, they could’ve let Him go after His trial or after His beating but it would not have stopped Him, and they knew it. The religious leaders of His time had it in mind the only way to shut Him up was to put Him to death.

When it comes to the commandment of making disciples of every nation, there is technically nothing that should stand in our way, if we model our apologetics after Christ's teachings. The message Christ taught was seen by the blind, heard by the deaf, moved the infirm and woke the dead from their sleep. Jesus crossed the lines of wealth, poverty, geographical, male and female, racial and political with His teachings.

The church as always faced adversity, likewise disciples have always met with hostility one way or another, I think it’s safe to say those challenges will be with us till we are called up in the rapture. While it seems tough to break through those lines of communication or that state of confusion we live under it shouldn’t be. It makes me wonder if it is that difficult, just what is it that we are trying to communicate?  (To be continued....)
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  1. "that state of confusion we live under" ... It's hard enough to communicate effectively about things that aren't important, but doubly hard to bring the message of Jesus to the world. Good post, Dave. Looking forward to see where you're going with it.