Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Calling Joseph: Can Anyone Interpret My Dream?

William Placher
I had a bit of a strange dream that has kept me up much of the early morning, so I thought I would share it and see if anyone has insights.  Dreams play an interesting role in scripture as a mysterious way in which God communicates certain truths about life, occasionally pertaining to the future and at other times the present...

I dreamt that my brother (although in my dream my brother bore no resemblance to my real brother) was urgently encouraging me to ask my father to go with me to a baseball game (I don't know which teams).  Apparently tickets were cheap, it was October, and the games had playoff implications.  So again brother encouraged--just get over there and invite your dad to a baseball game before its too late!

In my dream I traveled a short distance to my father's place and sheepishly--more like a young child than a grown adult child--invited my dad to go with me to a baseball game.  He was very excited, and we began looking for ticket information immediately.

I awoke as soon as I realized that "dad" in my dream was not my real life dad.  Moreover it was someone else I know--or knew.  "Dad" in my dream was the now deceased Theologian and Professor, William Placher.  Bill Placher was one of the excellent professors of religion and philosophy that I studied with at Wabash College, a small excellent liberal arts college for men in Crawfordsville, IN.  He was a professor who was not only of legendary intelligence, but also legendary character.  He took his practice of Christianity as seriously as his study of it.  The academic world often wondered what kept such a renowned scholar at this small school in the middle of nowhere--the same town where he grew up, the same school he attended when he was an undergrad himself...  He was a professor that invited his senior "Contemporary Theology" seminar to have our final class discussion at his house over a fine dinner that he personally prepared for us.  The summer before my senior year, he took me out to eat at a local Mexican restraunt to discuss my future plans and graduate schools to which I should consider applying.  His dedication as a teacher, scholar, advisor, and a faithful Christian made him one of my more influential mentor's I have ever had.

Dr. Placher passed away shortly after Thanksgiving in 2008, almost four years ago at the too young age of 60.  He was not sick and his death was not expected.

And my "brother" was saying, "Invite him to the game before its too late!

Are there any Joseph's out there?  Why did I dream it?  Is it instructive (I will see my dad this coming November around Thanksgiving)?  Is it a simple truth that always bears true--life is short, don't put it off?  Or was it "just a dream?"  I'm interested in the various perspective you all might have regarding the meaning of this dream and dreams in general.

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